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Your story is too important to be ignored. helps you build a transparent record of police misconduct. By sharing your story, you can increase accountability and protect the rights of people in your community. is for UK complaints only, in a collaboration with OpenPolice USA. We a not for profit organisation. We also provide a non govermental educational resource.

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Depending on your unique circumstances, will help you to

  • Prepare and save a professional-grade misconduct report.
  • Upload photos, documents, videos, and other evidence.
  • File your report with the right police investigative agency and publish it online.
  • Get matched with appropriate legal help.

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Online Report Filing
Digital Evidence Uploading
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Department Identification Tools
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Officers' Names Made Public
Social Media Sharing
Status Updates via Email
Help Finding a Solicitor
Commitment to Open Data

Most Police Departments

Require Police Station Visit
Require Paper Reports
Unhelpful or Intimidating Employees
Bound by State Secrecy Laws
Old Complaint Records Lost or Destroyed

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Consistent user experience for all police departments in the U.K.


Neutral, non-leading questions seeking truth and accuracy


Bypass state secrecy laws with uncensored public reporting


Multiple options for how your information is shared with police and with the public


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The higher the score, the easier it is for people to share complaints. Most departments fail, but they can improve their scores by making a few small changes.

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What others say

This helps people document police misconduct without relying on the police. This independence ensures that this vital data is transparent and accessible to the public.

I tried this service after being told about it by a friend. I had a negative experience with the police during the Black Lives Matter protests in London last year.
I witnessed a group of officers using excessive force, and it didn’t sit well with me. I tried to complain about this directly with the Metropolitan Police, but I found their process to be lacking and I wasn’t taken seriously.

By having an independent place to lodge my complaint, I felt that I could truthfully express my experience without worrying about recrimination. I also like that this site can be used for complementing the police when you’ve had a positive experience. I am certain that as this site grows it will ruffle some feathers, but I believe that a service like this is well overdue.

Katryna Thomas-Shell
Complainant, Momma Cherri Productions

This will upset some officers, but it will help police leaders identify, analyze, and correct problematic police conduct.